Instructions in English

This is how to send me CT or MRI images:

Sending CT or MRI Images through the WeTransfer platform
  1. Place the CD in the computer. If the viewer attempts to start, stop it. It is not needed.
  2. Clicк on Windows Explorer, find the CD and open the folder.
  3. In the main directory, there is a folder called DICOM. Rarely, the name of the folder is either „A“ or „Images“, instead of DICOM.
  4. Drag it to the desktop
  5. Zip in compressed folder – right click „send to“ > „compressed folder“
  6. Open
  7. Click on „take me to free“ button if needed. If you haven’t used the service before, you will need to register – very simple procedure.
  8. You need the little window, shown on this page
  9. Drag the compressed folder on the plus sign
  10. Insert my e-mail:
  11. Type your e-mail and a brief message
  12. Click on „Transfer“

It is that simple.